Wood powder activated carbon

Powder activated carbon of wood is produced by phosphoric acid method and zinc chlorination method with high quality firewood, wood chips and wood blocks as raw materials. It is refined by high temperature activation (converter). It has developed mesopore structure and developed specific surface area, large adsorption capacity, fast filtration rate and no zinc salt. Suitable for decolorization, refining and purification of refined sugar, monosodium glutamate industry, glucose industry, starch sugar industry, chemical additives, dye intermediates, food additives, edible oil, beverage and other high-pigment solutions.

Product specifications and technical indicators:

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上海乐康活性炭有限公司  沪ICP备19025255号-2 · By vthink


上海乐康活性炭有限公司  沪ICP备19025255号-2 By vthink

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