Bamboo activated carbon

High quality components as raw materials, adopt unique combination method (include chemical method and physical method) preparation craft refined but become, including physical activation grate in the process of production of flue gas as source of energy in the process of chemical production, the process is energy saving and environmental protection also raised productivity, products to pore with microporous and transition hole is more developed, suitable for application in the management of the sewage, waste gas and harmful gas, wood floor moistureproof and food, beverage, wine, monosodium glutamate mother liquor of refining, bleaching, etc.

Product specifications and technical indicators:

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上海乐康活性炭有限公司  沪ICP备19025255号-2 · By vthink


上海乐康活性炭有限公司  沪ICP备19025255号-2 By vthink

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