Honeycomb activated carbon

With normal and water resistant type two kinds, adopt high quality powder activated carbon and the auxiliary materials refined into honeycomb activated carbon by honeycomb structure, make the product density is small size, large specific surface area, high adsorption efficiency, small wind resistance coefficient, has excellent gas power product, equipment to reduce energy consumption, reduce the cost and operation cost of adsorption bed, at the same time on the waste gas purification efficiency is high, after purification gas completely meet the requirement of environment protection, and honeycomb activated carbon is suitable for low and medium concentration, big air volume of various organic waste gas purification, It is widely used in the adsorption bed containing toluene, xylene, benzene, benzene, phenols, esters, aldehydes and other organic gases and odorous gases, as well as the adsorption and removal of various harmful gases in indoor air.

Product specifications and technical indicators:

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上海乐康活性炭有限公司  沪ICP备19025255号-2 · By vthink


上海乐康活性炭有限公司  沪ICP备19025255号-2 By vthink

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